Generic sales process and funnel description

This is a starting point to help you understand and map out the steps in your sales process.

Download: Generic Sales Process

TT Report

An important element of sales is doing enough of the activities that find people who want to buy your stuff. I’m convinced that this is where most businesses let themselves down – not doing enough marketing or prospecting or generally not contacting your prospective customers enough or enough of your prospective customers to ask them if they are interested in your great stuff.

I’m being a little tongue in cheek, I know, but it’s true – you can only sell to the people your business reaches out to – whether it is via your shop front, your website, your advertising or your pro-active sales team.

We resort to tricks and tools to help us be more active with our marketing and prospecting because it would be very boring if we just told you you need to do more, wouldn’t it?

The TT report is a self-analysis tool, borrowed from an excellent book, Wombat Selling by Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. You record how many times your business makes contact with a prospective customer each day and forecast how many contacts will be made tomorrow (that’s what TT stands for – Today and Tomorrow).

You should read the book but, essentially, you use the tool to help you realise how little your business does this and help you focus on increasing the contacts made (I know that good quality contacts are better than any old contact – it’s only a little table for goodness sake!) Don’t limit yourself to just filling it in for actual phone calls, either – list web hits, ad readership and any outbound prospecting contact made. Make your sales and your marketing team do it, too - I dare you!

Download: TT Report

Forecasting Tools

Another tool to help you stay focused on the important job of selling is to keep a forecast. Now, I may be teaching you to suck eggs but, actually, I doubt it. Most people don’t pay this enough attention, either.

Businesses usually fall into one of two categories – you either sell a product (that people buy once) or you sell a service which they pay for over an extended period (business coaching, for example, is paid for monthly).

Below are two forecasting tools. One for orders, which turn into revenue and one for recurring revenue – which helps you forecast how much revenue your business will actually book over the coming months.


Order Forecast

Revenue Forecast