Strategy / Business Planning

Stakeholders Tool

In business, numerous relationships develop over time, and can start to make decisions difficult. As a way to sort through the complexity, this diagram can clarify all the key relationships of a business. This also helps to uncover key stakeholders that may have been forgotten, like realising that your employees need to get more out of the business than just a paycheck.

Most relationships will fit into a single category, but there's some that may be more complex. In this case, it's good to list that relationship in all the categories that seem to apply.

After listing all the key relationships, for each answer these questions:

  • What does the business need from this relationship?
  • What does the other party need from this business?
  • What would indicate that this relationship is healthy, productive and sustainable?

It's very useful to make these relationships and needs visible to all the key stakeholders. When you do that, people start to align and engage more in the success of your business.

Download: Key Stakeholders Tool

Blank “Strategy on a Page”

A template that you can download and complete for your business. Consists of Vision, Vital Few and Strategies that can be prioritised to help you make progress on your business plan.

Download: Blank Strategy Template

SWOT Analysis

This is a blank SWOT Analysis worksheet that you can download and print off, for use in a SWOT Analysis strategy workshop. SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.

Download: SWOT

Today Tomorrow Change Model

This is a very simplistic yet powerful model to help you looking at the process of change within your business. This model breaks down change by Describing Tomorrow (future), Defining Today, and then identifying Changes, Blockers and Enablers to build a strategy. Sourced from PACE Australia.

Download: Change Model