Business Audit Consultancy

Business Audit Consultancy

Take A Good Look At Your Business

Is your business doing what it should be? What you’d like it to be?

Why not? What’s not working? (What aren’t you doing right?)

You’re probably doing lots right (you got this far) but nobody’s doing everything right and we can all improve.

This exercise, facilitated by one of our coaches, from Small Fish Business Coaching, will help you review your business in terms of what’s working and not, what you could and should be doing and what you want to achieve.

Small Fish Business Diagnostic Consultancy 
Philip Reid from Reid McGill with Small Fish Jon Dale, being probed during a Business Diagnostic

We're not pretending we have all the answers but we're confident we've got tools that can help you make more money and have more fun than you are now.

You’ll cover you (yes you, often a bottleneck), your people, your systems, your sales, marketing, pricing, costs and more.

You’ll spend four hours with a Small Fish coach, being probed (with questions). They will spend a few hours writing you a report, then you’ll spend another two hours reviewing it together. If you can’t make more money or have some more fun with your business after this, then a few things are possible:

  • You didn’t play fair
  • We have crappy business coaches (we deny this)
  • You need to get a job fast
  • You need a business coach

At the very least, you should enjoy the process.


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