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Business Resources

Business Resources

The resources section is a collection of businesses, people and tools that we’ve either found useful ourselves, have seen our clients or friends find useful or that we expect to find useful. We don’t put them up here unless we honestly believe they operate with integrity and honour (because it will reflect poorly on us, won’t it?).

Remember, as small fish, we can benefit from being linked with others and, specifically, from outsourcing where we don’t have expertise in-house. A guiding principle of business coaching is that you hire a business coach to get access to knowledge and skills that you don’t have in-house and that are too expensive to source full-time. The same is true for many other skill sets and the list below is a short selection of those we’ve enjoyed meeting.

Tools, Toys and Downloads

This is a collection of useful tools. We either made them ourselves, in response to a problem of one of our customers, or to help us work something out, or we sourced them from elsewhere – often from the website of the Results in Business Institute – the network of independent business coaches that we work closely with.

We’ve collected a few of them but we find new things all the time and you can expect us to post them here as we find them or build them. We’ll break the list down into sections, to make it easier.

This is not a comprehensive library, either – just a grab-bag of useful items!

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