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Jon Dale


Having 4 children, Jon is a believer in finding the right balance between work and personal life. Few of us started in business so we could work long hours and miss out on having a personal life or a family life – yet often that’s what we do. Although much of business coaching is about making more money (and quite right, too)Jon’s clients often find themselves reminded that their goals included things other than profit and wealth – our coaching programs need to remember this, too. Read More

Mariejan Bigby

Business Coach

Being married and the mother of 5 children, Mariejan is very conscious of the need for a healthy balance between work, family and friends; and of keeping a sense of humour and sanity. Mariejan has a Bachelor of International Business and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance. She has made good use of both in her varied career. Mariejan’s clients benefit from the same high level analytical skills and attention to detail that are usually only available to the big corporate players. Read More

Tony Ozanne

Business Coach

Tony Ozanne Canberra Business CoachI am married with two kids, Madi and Josh and have been based in Canberra since 2009. I love this city as it’s a great place in which to establish and grow my family and my business. Prior to this I spent time in numerous Australian cities, as well as a 6 year stint in the Middle East based in Dubai, covering an area from Pakistan to Morocco working with a global franchised restaurant organisation in various roles. Read More

Michael Altenburger

Business Coach

Michael was born in Vienna and is married with three kids. He now lives on Sydney's Northern Beaches. While still in Austria he studied languages and obtained a degree in business. He joined German software company SAP and worked there as a consultant for 4 years. His journey lead him from Austria to Germany and finally to Australia. Read More

Carl Dierschow

Business Coach

Carl loves working with business owners who are creative, energetic, and committed to growing their companies to the next level of success. This might mean dealing with the impacts of the economic downturn, expanding the organization, serving new customers, or delivering more paid value to existing customers. Read More

These are the business coaches that make up the Small Fish team and where they are. Wherever you are, we can provide you with excellent service – coaching works at arms length as well as it does face-to-face. In fact, our model works better using the telephone and Internet – our coaches don’t waste time travelling and are better prepared, calmer and more focused when they are working with you.

Read our coaches’ profiles and contact the one you prefer or just contact us and we’ll choose for you. 

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