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Back to Marketing Basics

Seth's blog (you know I love him) on Horizontal Marketing. This is a frightening idea for those of us who are trying to market our product or service. We're trying our hardest to get people to pay attention and yet, increasingly, our market is ignoring that stuff and making its choice based on hearsay. Shit, we'd better be good!

Back to basics, then - make something amazing or inspiring, or with genuine value instead of the average crap that's mostly out there, keep telling people (some of them will pay attention) and trust that word will get out. Feels wrong doesn't it? We should be doing something to drive our customers to consider us, surely (that's how I feel). Like Seth says we can't control what the market does with our product and we can't ignore that the market will do what it wants with us, irrespective of what we spend.

But can we just sit back and wait. I'm not so sure that's what he means or that I can do it either.

What do you do about marketing? I want to see your comments below!

Jon Dale
Small Fish Business Coaching Byron Bay