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How Mobile Is Your Marketing?

Have you noticed that some websites now have a cool layout just for use on smart phones and tablets? Do you have the type of business that could benefit from a mobile friendly website? Have a think about it! Restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, doctors, vets, mechanics, real estate agents…. I could go on all day. All of these types of businesses (and hundreds more) are services that should be search friendly on a mobile device. Here are some interesting facts on mobile websites:

  • One third of the world’s population use mobile devise to perform internet searches

  • It is expected that there will be 520 million location based searches performed on mobile devices around the worlds in 2012

  • One half of internet searches for local products and services are performed from mobile devices

  • Google Analytics has added mobile metrics so you can now see who is searching for your business on a mobile device

Not convinced? Check out these examples on www.GCWeb.com.au’s website. Take note of the bottom of the mobile websites where you literally click once to call or click once to see their location on a map – how easy is it for your potential customers to call you using a mobile device from your website? Would potential customers have the patience to click through to find your contact details or would they just move on to the next mobile website that does offer ease of use?

Leesa Kennedy from www.GCWeb.com.au says that a lot of businesses think the addition of a mobile website will change the layout of their current website or require a huge input of cash. It’s not true, your website will remain exactly the same when viewed from non-mobile devices and mobile websites start from a couple of hundred bucks!

Check out GCWeb’s cool mobile emulator to see what your website looks like on a mobile device - 


Melanie Miller
Small Fish Business Coaching Gold Coast


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