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One Fish, Two Fish

We have a new fish – Richard Everson in Murrumbateman, near Canberra, has joined us and already brings a contribution to our business blog. Have you heard of the book “Fish!” – the story of the Seattle fish market? It’s inspiring, even for a cynical pom like me. The book and the video Richard sent over talk about how enormous a difference it makes when people have fun at work.

The book gives some help on how to engender a fun work environment and how help can come from within. Your business' culture is a vital contributor to its success. Helping your friends at work have some fun while they work is a good place to start.

Jon Dale
Small Fish Business Coaching

Free Business Coaching Session

If you have been thinking about getting a business coach, but haven’t quite been sure how it might benefit you and your business - then why not “try before you buy” and take us up on our offer of a free business coaching session.

This is a genuine offer for a free business coaching session with your local business coach. Don’t worry, there is no high-pressure selling or anything like that involved (that’s not our style). If you get value out of it and you decide you want to continue with a business coaching program, then of course we will discuss that with you. However, if after the free business coaching session, you decide business coaching is not for you, we are still happy to have provided you with the free coaching session. To find out more about how it works, and to book your free business coaching session, click here. Go on, just do it!


Small Fish Business Coaching

Franchising Expo- Melbourne 20th-22nd August

For many people (including some of our clients), franchising is the ideal vehicle to owning their own business. For franchisees and franchisors alike, business coaching is an invaluable tool to assist franchisees be successful in using the franchise system.

Small Fish will be exhibiting at the upcoming Franchising Expo in Melbourne from Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd August with the view of explaining to franchisors and franchisees alike the benefits of business coaching – the Small Fish way. We will also be using the Franchising Expo to showcase the Small Fish Business Coaching franchise opportunity.

If you are in Melbourne, and can make it, come down and see us at stand K22 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. We would be delighted to see you there!

Kristian Reiss
Small Fish Business Coaching

What Will A Business Coach Bring to My Business?

I have had an amazing week of networking and meeting business people in the Northern Rivers. What has been really interesting is the different views of Business Coaching.

I was in a store, in Ballina, that had a shelf full of small business awards. I asked the woman working there what they did so well to earn all of the awards, her answer was that she hired a business coach around 18 months ago. With a fair amount of professional interest, I asked if she would recommend business coaching to other businesses. “Of course I would, the three most successful businesses in this street all have business coaches!”

Also last week, the Small Fish Directors, Jon Dale and Kristian Reiss, attended the annual conference of one of Australia’s best known franchises. The franchisor pointed out to them that they had noticed that some of their franchisees were hiring business coaches on their own. When they looked at the success of their business, the franchises being coached were more successful than those that weren’t. The franchisor saw the opportunity to introduce coaching to the remainder of the business.

Finally, I was at a Home Business Networking Function where there were a number of key note speakers. Unbeknown to me, the marketing business owner that I had been speaking to prior to the meeting was an internationally acclaimed speaker. In his key note speech, he mentioned that he had met me and told the audience, “Those of you here that do not have a business coach, GET ONE!”

In light of all of this happening, I still meet people that tell me that they cannot afford a business coach. If you are currently in that mindset, I invite you to ask yourself; Can you afford not to get a business coach? Where will your business be if you do not act now and your competition does?

Dean Atkins
Small Fish Business Coaching

Congratulations Steve Dyer

Steve Dyer from Cavalier Homes Northern Rivers was presented with two prestigious awards on Saturday at the Master Builders Association Regional Awards. Cavalier Homes builds affordable, quality homes and gives a service that its customers enjoy from start to finish. As their business coach, we decided that what they were selling was trust and this is true today – their customers are not buying a house or indeed a home, they are buying a successful building experience. Steve won Best Contract Between $400,000 and $500,000 and Most Sustainable New Home. Both awards were for 48 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay.

Well done Steve and Gav.

Jon Dale
Small Fish Business Coaching

A Day With Jack Daly

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a sales training day with Jack Daly. This is a man of immense experience, wisdom and energy who can relay his message simply and effectively.

The take-aways for me were:

• Change your voicemail daily – let people know what you are doing and when it is likely that you will get back to them. Put some life into it! This is an easy way to differentiate yourselves from others.

• Activity gets results – we know what we need to do to grow our business – see more people, put our business out there, ask for referrals and provide great service. Put a minimum standard of what you need to do daily - do it and track it.

• Get your head in the game:

• Success comes from doing what we know we should be doing, when we should be doing it, whether we want to or not. You have to have self discipline, you are responsible for the outcomes of your experience.
• If you really believe you can be, have, or do something – you will create the circumstances and find the people to allow you to be, have or do.
• Your life is a direct result of your expectations for it.
• “It isn’t what you know that counts, it’s what you do with what you know that counts.”


Mariejan Bigby
Small Fish Business Coaching

A Reflection on Self-Esteem

As some of you know, I'm a bit of a fan of Seth Godin and his blog. He writes with considerable insight about marketing and brings an attitude of sincerity and genuineness that is missing from much of modern marketing.

Read this blog post.

He talks about how people with low self esteem are easy to hire and boss around but the people you want to work with have high opinions of themselves and are also harder to find and harder to manage.

It’s the usual paradox – things that are worthwhile often require hard work, don’t they?

Enjoy the read.

Jon Dale
Small Fish Business Coaching

Lessons for Business From the World Cup

As the Spanish celebrate, and the rest of us commiserate our team’s losses at the Football World Cup, it is a good chance to look back at some of the lessons that we can take forward into our businesses.

• New Zealand’s undefeated run against Slovakia, Paraguay and the reigning world champions Italy showed us that a team that works for each other, toward a common goal can hold its own against a team of stars looking for personal glory.

LESSON- Look at your team, who is working for the glory of the team, and who is working for themselves?

• The infamous “Jabulani” ball caused a lot of controversy for its unpredictable movement. England, Algeria and Slovakia all criticized the ball after losses. The problem is, the winners played with the same ball.

LESSON- Legislation, the GFC, and a raft of other issues means that business landscape is often changing., The businesses that recognise that their competitors have the same limitations to work around then adapt the fastest, are usually rewarded.

• North Korea, isolated and closed to most of the world, were embarrassed by a 7-0 loss to Portugal, while South Korea, free
trading and open to new markets, played great football.

LESSON- Get to know your competition, learn from them, and leverage off of them.

Obviously, there are a million parallels that I could compare between the world cup and business, but the most important one, to me, is that each team had a Captain and a Coach. The Captains role was to be in the thick of things, feeling how things are going and leading by example. The Coach identified the skills needed, the resources available, and came up with a strategy to overcome each hurdle. Diego Maridona, possibly the best know footballer in history and Argentina’s Coach, may have loved to have been on the field, but his role as coach allowed him to look at the game objectively, while his football career fuelled his passion and understanding of the game.

LESSON- A lot of great business people may miss opportunities or threats by being so involved in the business of doing business and the best coaches are often passionate players. If you are unable to look at your business from an objective point of view a Small Fish Business Coach can help.

It was a long road to the World Cup, with three years of qualifying matches just to get there. Your business success will not happen overnight, but if you start preparing now, who knows, you could be the best in the world!

Dean Atkins
Small Fish Business Coaching

Rewards for Good Customer Service

Customers reward good Customer Service by spending 8% more.

It's official, according to a report comissioned by American Express World Service Australia, customers reward good Customer Service by spending 8% more. It's as simple as showing polite respect and welcoming people to your business. Don't pester them because there is a fine line between buyer willingness and the buyer walking out the door.

Click here to read the full article.

Don't forget, it is much cheaper to keep a happy customer than to attract brand new ones!

Simon Thomas

Small Fish Business Coaching

Small Fish Website

Check out this website article!

We were included in an article on BRW (a big Australian business magazine) in March. We didn’t even know. Today, we found out that a website marketing company ranked all the Corporate Mentoring Companies (their words) featured in the article and they ranked us at number 1!!

Well done Sam and CI Marketing!

And more of the same to come and we will get the US site catching up soon.

Jon Dale
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