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Small Fish - Small Business Tips and the Latest News

Rewards for Good Customer Service

Customers reward good Customer Service by spending 8% more.

It's official, according to a report comissioned by American Express World Service Australia, customers reward good Customer Service by spending 8% more. It's as simple as showing polite respect and welcoming people to your business. Don't pester them because there is a fine line between buyer willingness and the buyer walking out the door.

Click here to read the full article.

Don't forget, it is much cheaper to keep a happy customer than to attract brand new ones!

Simon Thomas

Small Fish Business Coaching

Small Fish Website

Check out this website article!

We were included in an article on BRW (a big Australian business magazine) in March. We didn’t even know. Today, we found out that a website marketing company ranked all the Corporate Mentoring Companies (their words) featured in the article and they ranked us at number 1!!

Well done Sam and CI Marketing!

And more of the same to come and we will get the US site catching up soon.

Jon Dale
Small Fish Business Coaching

SME Revenue Grows with Social Media

According to a poll taken by Melbourne IT eBiz Review, small businesses using social media to leverage online business are likely to achieve greater revenue.

This is great news for those of us with a SME and a social networking addiction!

Click here to check out the full article that was listed on news.com.au.

Dean Atkins
Small Fish Business Coaching

The Silent Customer

Last week I had an amazing meeting with Jeanette Forma of Card Services Hawaii. In that meeting she brought up the idea of the Silent Customer.

You know whom I am talking about; in fact I bet you have been a Silent Customer a time or two before.

A Silent Customer is the one who enters the store with the intention of purchasing something, but whom is either ignored or just dismissed in favor of another customer. They are often browsing your store quietly, but with no desire to make any additional effort in making themselves known.

What happens when you walk into the store and nobody acknowledges you?

What happens if you have a question but can’t find anyone to help you out?

How does that make you feel?

Do you feel unimportant?

Are you in the mood to buy, or are you in the mood to fly?

For me at least, I am usually in the mood to fly and head to the next store. While I don’t appreciate having someone pester me the entire time, I do appreciate a nice greeting and someone at the ready to help me with whatever questions I may have.

If you make me feel unimportant or not worthy of your time, then I will more than likely not give you any more of my time…EVER!

You are not just losing one sale, but many future sales. To think that all it would have taken you to earn my business, was a simple greeting and follow-up concern to see if I had any questions.

Is that to much to ask?

Consider these last few questions:

How many Silent Customers have you had this past month?

How much business have you lost because of them?

Isn’t it time we make a conscious effort to welcome our Silent Customers?

I challenge you to do more, and make the effort!

James Houser
Small Fish Business Coaching

Does Your Business Have A Cookbook?

I recently attended my weekly BNI meeting and had the privilege of being able to listen to Rey Chan from Websmart Design present on the topic of “Usefulness” in relation to websites. As Rey said “Bells & whistles wear off, but usefulness never does”.

But there was one thing above all that resonated with me about Rey’s presentation that day.

Rey was passionate about the topic he was presenting, and by being so he was also able to educate the audience. (Interestingly, one of his key points was around using websites to teach what you are passionate about.)

Listening to Rey speak, I was in awe of his ability to simplify what can be a complex and often misunderstand topic.

Often businesses owners, and sales people for that matter, try and restrict the flow of information - like it is some sort of closely held trade secret.

They try and make things seem more complex than they really are, and confuse people. How often do we see this mentality, or even find ourselves slipping into this mindset? (When was the last time you tried to compare phone plans for example??)

Is it not better to educate people, to simplify things, to teach what it is we are passionate about?

Rey offered an example - Chefs and their Cookbooks. Chefs have embraced the notion of sharing their passion. Through their cookbooks, chefs simplify the art of cooking, and teach their passion. This opens the opportunity for more people to share in that passion.

It got me thinking – maybe every business should have its own “Cookbook”.

What would happen if more people become passionate about what you do in your business?

Kristian Reiss
Small Fish Business Coaching

Are You Part of this Team, You Goose?

I love this video! I have used it a number of times in team building exercises.

Show it to your team and gauge the response.

Follow this link
to watch this inspiring video that was posted on YouTube by WarWear productions.

Dean Atkins
Small Fish Business Coaching

Business Coaching and our Washing Machine

We keep on getting asked to explain what this funny thing we call our “Washing Machine” is all about. To explain this better, especially for those that appreciate something a bit more visual, we have created an online video.

The washing machine is a little device that we use to explain how and where business coaching fits into a business.

Focussing on Increasing Revenue, Improving Productivity and Reducing Expenses will flow on to an improvement in Profit – and this is what Business Coaching is all about. We call these 3 things the Drivers of Profitability. The process of working through these drivers and taking the necessary actions to implement change in a business is what business coaching is all about – the Small Fish way!

The following animated online video will explain what business coaching is, how it works, and how the process of Audit, Plan and Action drives change in a business:

Business Coaching & Our Washing Machine

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Kristian Reiss
Small Fish Business Coaching

Overwork- The Curse of the Small Business Owner

Suffering from overwhelm? Consider this:

Jon likes to say that "work will multiply to fill the time you give it and then some," but Mark Barrett from CIMarketing gave us this excellent line the other day:

"The only person to get everything done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe."

Jon Dale
Small Fish Business Coaching

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

We all have our preconceived ideas on what motivates our staff to work hard and achieve excellence. Most of us would answer the question with money, but there are many other ways to motivate our employees. The reality will surprise you and make you rethink how you reward your staff. The following animation is both entertaining and illuminating and is a must see for all employers and supervisors.

Click here to watch the video clip posted on YouTube by RSA Animate.

Nigel Hobbs
Small Fish Business Coaching

What Does Your Company Stand For?

This is a great article and extremely relevant to all sizes of business. The truth remains that business values, and in turn business culture, comes from what is seen to be acceptable by the people that you answer to. If, as a leader of people, you can not show the resolve to demonstrate your values in everything that you do, they become nothing more than a marketing exercise.

To read the full article that was in the Sydney Morning Herald that Dean Atkins is commenting on, click here.

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