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Economic Disaster My Arse, We'll Be OK

Seth Godin recommended his book, I just watched it on TED (there's a theme here, isn't there?) and it involves a discussion of abundance, which we state as one of our values - we come from a mentality that there's there's enough to go around so we'll share and be generous and we won't feel impoverished if we give stuff away.

Peter Diamandis (Abundance is our Future) talks about how the new and emerging technologies and the population shifts and other factors actually make it likely that we won't all collapse in a heap but that we'll overcome our hurdles and have a fun next decade.

In particular, this applies to our economy (watch for it, it's near the end) - there are some billions of people emerging from the third world into the information world and they'll be our consumers - there will be a huge fill up to the global economy, enough to counteract the global crisis that's with us now. So don't despair.
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