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Small Business MBA

Enrolments are open for the Small Business M.B.A - a 7-week program that will allow you to develop skills, plans, action and processes to get your business on track or take it to the next level.

Unlike many online programs, this series of subjects will be interactive and will drive change in your business, due to the level of accountability placed back on you via weekly set homework, which will allow you to implement the weekly content into your own businesses system. Throughout the course, you will be developing ideas and concepts and forming the habit of working ‘on’ your own business each week.

In addition to the content and practical activities, you will have access to your lecturer Tony Ozanne throughout the program to help you when you are stuck, frustrated, annoyed or simply want some guidance, in addition to the homework feedback. You get the access, skill and advice of a Business Coach at non-business coaching pricing throughout the 7 weeks.

All participants will have an individual one-on-one discovery session with Tony prior to the course to allow him to gain insight as to where you and your business are at, and then an additional session at the end of the series to work on your ongoing actions and plans for your businesses continued growth.
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Starting A Business in Byron Bay

I was noodling around (as Mr Jon Dale calls it!) on Dynamic Business Builders the other day when I came across this interesting blog on business in Byron Bay. Byron Bay is of course the hometown of Small Fish Business Coaching and it is where the Fish meet to talk all things business (but mostly we just go to the pub).
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Business Tips From A Business Coach

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Persistence Pays In Building Up Customers

Jon has been asked to sit on a panel of experts by the Sydney Morning Herald My Small Business section (the bit that goes on the website). He has been asked to respond to his first question and here it is: Read More »

Inspiring for Start Up Businesses

My business 'Fun Fondues' is a mobile fondue (tabletop style of cooking) catering service located in the ACT. I am inspired through my recently deceased mother - back in the 70s she would host the most amazing fondue parties, creating my most cherished, memorable memories growing up.

Recently I went to a used gold jeweler to sell some gold, diamond and sapphire wedding and engagement rings left to me to help with my start up business. They only offered me $125 for the lot!

I noticed that one ring had some words engraved on the inner ring. Not being able to read it clearly, I asked the jeweler to use his magnifying glass and read it for me.

It read..." the journey of one thousand miles begins with one step."

The hair stood up on the back of my neck, tears welled in my eyes - a message from beyond.

This has become my mantra. Every day now I take one step in the development of my business.

Recognizing our worth, NO I did not sell the jewelry.

Elise- Maree
Fun Fondues
02 6262 9845

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New To Business?

New to business? Don’t lose your nerve!

I have been helping out one of my best friends with her new business venture in the UK. It is exciting, a bit out of the box and loaded with potential. We had a long chat via Skype about a job offer she had received. It was essentially what her business offered but she would be committed full time for at least six months. The question – what should she do?
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Australia's $15m e-commerce king says "get a Business Coach"

Our friends at Reid-McGill sent us this article. It's good advice, we reckon (well, we would wouldn't we?)

Eddie Machaalani, of BigCommerce gives one great piece of advice of how his start-up rose to success. He lists many more, but of course we found this one the most important. Read More »

Starting A Small Business? Read this First!

Starting A Small BusinessWhat do you mean you are leaving a full-time job to go into business? “ARE YOU NUTS?” If only I had a dollar for every time I had heard those inspiring bits of wisdom and encouragement, I would be at least a hundred bucks richer!

So why did I leave my employer, hand back my nice new fully maintained company car, fuel card, expense account, laptop, mobile phone, regular guaranteed income and sanity behind? Possibly people were not wrong when they suggested I was nuts?

The actual reason was that I could see the downturn of the economy and it’s impact on the company that employed me slowly unfolding. Those above were feeling the pressure. In turn, their stress was being unleashed on those below. Cuts were being made everywhere; staff were not being replaced and those who remained looked as disenchanted as I felt. More than 50% of my pay was made from bonuses. As those around me starting losing confidence and motivation they stopped performing. I could see that it would mark the end of bonuses for everyone, not just those under performing. Micromanagement kicked into full gear, all of a sudden I had to explain my every move. For someone who actually enjoys work and loves achieving goals, this was nothing short of degrading.

What was I really leaving behind? Stability? Nope… nothing about my position felt stable. A regular income? Yes, but not the income I agreed to when I signed the contracts. I knew that no amount of time and effort invested would allow that income to increase anytime soon. What a frustrating place to be stuck in. Do I miss my company car now? Not really. Do I miss my fuel card? Heck YES! I loved that little bit of plastic. Would I trade any of it for being self-employed? Absolutely not!

So you may be thinking that this is a blatant plug to join Small Fish Business Coaching as a Business Coach, it actually isn’t! It is a plug for small business. If companies were thriving and bonuses were flourishing I possibly would not have made this choice. For me it is about (not to be cheesy) “being the master of my own destiny”. In this economy nothing is certain, being employed for me was no less risky than being self-employed. How stable do you feel right now?

Melanie Miller
Small Fish Business Coaching Gold Coast
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