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Australia's $15m e-commerce king says "get a Business Coach"

Our friends at Reid-McGill sent us this article. It's good advice, we reckon (well, we would wouldn't we?)

Eddie Machaalani, of BigCommerce gives one great piece of advice of how his start-up rose to success. He lists many more, but of course we found this one the most important. Read More »

Starting A Small Business? Read this First!

Starting A Small BusinessWhat do you mean you are leaving a full-time job to go into business? “ARE YOU NUTS?” If only I had a dollar for every time I had heard those inspiring bits of wisdom and encouragement, I would be at least a hundred bucks richer!

So why did I leave my employer, hand back my nice new fully maintained company car, fuel card, expense account, laptop, mobile phone, regular guaranteed income and sanity behind? Possibly people were not wrong when they suggested I was nuts?

The actual reason was that I could see the downturn of the economy and it’s impact on the company that employed me slowly unfolding. Those above were feeling the pressure. In turn, their stress was being unleashed on those below. Cuts were being made everywhere; staff were not being replaced and those who remained looked as disenchanted as I felt. More than 50% of my pay was made from bonuses. As those around me starting losing confidence and motivation they stopped performing. I could see that it would mark the end of bonuses for everyone, not just those under performing. Micromanagement kicked into full gear, all of a sudden I had to explain my every move. For someone who actually enjoys work and loves achieving goals, this was nothing short of degrading.

What was I really leaving behind? Stability? Nope… nothing about my position felt stable. A regular income? Yes, but not the income I agreed to when I signed the contracts. I knew that no amount of time and effort invested would allow that income to increase anytime soon. What a frustrating place to be stuck in. Do I miss my company car now? Not really. Do I miss my fuel card? Heck YES! I loved that little bit of plastic. Would I trade any of it for being self-employed? Absolutely not!

So you may be thinking that this is a blatant plug to join Small Fish Business Coaching as a Business Coach, it actually isn’t! It is a plug for small business. If companies were thriving and bonuses were flourishing I possibly would not have made this choice. For me it is about (not to be cheesy) “being the master of my own destiny”. In this economy nothing is certain, being employed for me was no less risky than being self-employed. How stable do you feel right now?

Melanie Miller
Small Fish Business Coaching Gold Coast
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Delegation - How To Make It Work

Delegation - How To Make It WorkWe often talk about how do you make things easier and free up time to get things done. If you are going to achieve more you are going to need to delegate more as you can’t do everything yourself.

We are often relectant to do this: "no one does the job as well as me" is an often quoted statement. My answer to this is how well did you delegate? Delegate badly and instead of improving your day, your frustrations reach on all time high. Delegate well and you will start to see genuine progress.

The difference between these two contrasting scenarios comes down to one thing. How clearly did you explain the delegated task? Each time you delegate a task, understand that that the task must be clear before it can be succesfully completed.
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Staff - Who Needs Them?

Staff- Who Needs Them?Staff are one of the biggest headaches for small business but are also something that you just can’t do without.
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Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Team

Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your TeamAt Small Fish Business Coaching one of the areas we concentrate on to improve profitability is Increased Productivity. This means getting the best out of your team which leads to better performance and in the end –increased profitably.  Read More »

Are You Going Backwards or Forwards - The Importance Of Business Planning

Are You Going Backwards Or Forwards?I was sitting in a train today facing the wrong way I was travelling and was thinking to myself I can see where I have been, but not where I am going. This got me thinking about life and also about how this may be relevant to business.

How many times do you look at where you have been, but not where you are going?

We always look back and say things like ‘that promotion didn’t work’, ‘I hired the wrong person’, ‘sales were bad last week’ etc. But how often do we look forward?

Looking forward to determine where it is you are going (or want to go) is a critical part in your planning for your business success. Take the time to work out where it is you want to go and look beyond the immediate horizon.

If you are ‘looking backwards,’ take the time to now start ‘looking forward’ at where you want to head. Make a plan, write it down and work out what needs to be done to get there.

It may be as simple as defining what your ideal team member looks like, does, and needs to do, or to plan sales forecasts, marketing plans etc.

The most important thing is to DO IT, and now is a great time.

Good luck!

Tony Ozanne
Small Fish Business Coaching Canberra
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