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Facebook Scheduling Tool

There is no doubt that social media is a valuable tool for growing most businesses. I personally will admit to being a bit of an addict. I like sharing my witty (or so I think) business snippets and musings. I also encourage my clients to use Facebook to communicate with their target market. Occasionally I do need to reel a couple of clients in from spending so much time that they forget why they are actually in business (to sell stuff!).

How are you at Facebook marketing? How much time do you spend? Do you find that you sign in to post a quick daily status update only to get sucked in to the deep dark depths? I don’t know how many times I have logged into update my status only to find myself reading some random blog on “African mutant bees” or “circus tricks you can perform at your desk” hours later. A five-minute job becomes a three-hour crap-read-a-thon that steals your day.

I was excited to see some good news from Facebook this week that will seriously limit my crap-a-thon time! You can now schedule your status updates. This means logging in a couple of times per week to schedule in your witty updates and to answer any questions, no need to log in every single day! It is also great for those who already know they don’t have enough time to update – now you can!

Natalie Alaimo’s video explaining how to use the new schedule function is right here!

Melanie Miller
Small Fish Business Coaching Gold Coast
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Persistence Pays In Building Up Customers

Jon has been asked to sit on a panel of experts by the Sydney Morning Herald My Small Business section (the bit that goes on the website). He has been asked to respond to his first question and here it is: Read More »

Inspiring for Start Up Businesses

My business 'Fun Fondues' is a mobile fondue (tabletop style of cooking) catering service located in the ACT. I am inspired through my recently deceased mother - back in the 70s she would host the most amazing fondue parties, creating my most cherished, memorable memories growing up.

Recently I went to a used gold jeweler to sell some gold, diamond and sapphire wedding and engagement rings left to me to help with my start up business. They only offered me $125 for the lot!

I noticed that one ring had some words engraved on the inner ring. Not being able to read it clearly, I asked the jeweler to use his magnifying glass and read it for me.

It read..." the journey of one thousand miles begins with one step."

The hair stood up on the back of my neck, tears welled in my eyes - a message from beyond.

This has become my mantra. Every day now I take one step in the development of my business.

Recognizing our worth, NO I did not sell the jewelry.

Elise- Maree
Fun Fondues
02 6262 9845

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Dare To Dream In Business

Some recent events have found me in the situation of needing to review my business goals, plans and vision. This may be looked at as a painful and frustrating process, or as a great opportunity to re-focus. I see it as the latter. In doing so, I was rummaging through several books, articles and previous notes etc. and came across a book from David Novak, the then and still current CEO of my past employer.

Inside the book was a hand written note to me, which I got from him not long after one of his tours through the Jordan and UAE markets with me a few years ago. The note has given me thought to really look at this as an opportunity and use it to re-focus.

The lines that hit a reality were, “All the best to you as you pursue your dreams. Take it from me, you never know what you are capable of!”
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