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Starting A Business in Byron Bay

I was noodling around (as Mr Jon Dale calls it!) on Dynamic Business Builders the other day when I came across this interesting blog on business in Byron Bay. Byron Bay is of course the hometown of Small Fish Business Coaching and it is where the Fish meet to talk all things business (but mostly we just go to the pub).
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Defining The Second Part Of Your Strategy

If your business has had an amazing first half year or a great quarter of results and profits- congratulations!

You may be patting yourself on the back, reflecting on how great that marketing campaign worked, or how the new product launch went so flawlessly, as you should do.

With this in mind it is important as to what you do next for the coming months in your business, as you have a few choices.
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"You're Screwed" - Melanie Miller's Latest Business Book

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Business Tips From Your Mum

Remember all those annoying sayings your mother dished out when you were a kid? Well I am going to dish them out to you again with a business twist (of course!).

“If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”

Just because your competitors are advertising on radio or discounting prices doesn’t mean you should do it. You need to do what is right for YOUR business and stop assuming everything your competitors are doing works for their business.

“Birds of a feather flock together”

Surround yourself with cheap suppliers, cheap marketing and cheap staff and your customers will assume you are ….cheap! (not in a “what a bargain” kind of way, in a “cheap equals nasty” kind of way).

“You made your bed, now you have to lie in it”

So you made a mistake? Admit it and move on. Don’t blame your customers, don’t blame your staff; it’s your business! Take the blame like a big kid and get over it!

Melanie Miller
Small Fish Business Coaching Gold Coast
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5 Tips Of Productivity

  1. If you are achieving nothing stop working! Get outside, head to a café, take a nap – do something to clear your mind. Sitting at your desk berating yourself for not achieving is a complete waste of (nap) time. 

  2. Be realistic about the amount of time tasks take to complete. If a task is more than two hours consider breaking it down into smaller chunks so you don’t feel bogged down by one massive job. 

  3. Take a lunch break. Working through lunch because you are too busy to stop is a crock! I guarantee that even a 15-minute lunch break will increase your productivity in the afternoon.

  4. Stop micromanaging – if you are constantly watching and questioning what everyone else is doing, stop! It is a waste of your time and does nothing for the productivity of the people around you. Plus it is just plain irritating… 

  5. Outsource the jobs you are crap at. Why waste hours trying to balance the accounts if a bookkeeper can do the job for you faster and more accurately. 

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The Power Of A System

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