Tony Ozanne

Business Coach, Melbourne VIC and Canberra ACT

I am married with two kids, Madi and Josh and have been based in Canberra since 2009. I love this city as it’s a great place in which to establish and grow my family and my business.

Prior to this I spent time in numerous Australian cities, as well as a 6 year stint in the Middle East based in Dubai, covering an area from Pakistan to Morocco working with a global franchised restaurant organisation in various roles. Having had enough of the corporate world, constant travel and time away from home, the chance to settle in the nation’s capital and eventually do something which can be both rewarding and enjoyable came about, hence the move to Small Fish. The values and culture within the Small Fish group had strong appeal, which convinced me to join the team to work with fellow business owners. This resinated strongly with my passion for helping others achieve their goals and objectives.

I have had more than 20 years’ experience in the retail hospitality field working with a multinational company which helped develop the business skills of operations execution, people management, marketing and sales growth initiatives of organisations, as well as developing strategies to execute and ‘get things done’ via a structured and process driven system.

Many years ago I completed a Primary Teaching degree, but never taught, and recently in July 2011 graduated with distinction from a Masters of Retail Management course at the University of Wollongong. This further developed the necessary skills and processes which can be applied to current and potential clients.

The desire to continually develop my personal skills whilst finding a balance between work and family needs is high on my agenda. As I have now moved from the corporate world to become a small business owner myself, I have a first-hand understanding of your goals and your wants, and the need to keep these as commonly shared ideals. Read More

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Post: 12 Bizant St, Amaroo ACT 2914

Business Coaching is a tool that you can use to help you drive change in your business

A business coaching program is just that - a structured and deliberate program of change in a business.

Whereas much is made of a coach or mentor’s role in bringing experience and expertise to a business (and this is undeniably important), to apply said expertise in a haphazard and uncontrolled way is not enough.

There is no substitute for the time- honoured process of having a look at what’s going on (our Audit), figuring out what to do and documenting it (our Plan), then getting on and doing it (taking Action).

Structure in your thinking and structure in what you do makes improving your business easier and make the improvements more long-lasting.