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WB Sports and Promotional Wear

WB Sports and Promotional Wear

“What we have now is more confidence and a belief in our company. We no longer doubt our ability, we are no longer held back. We can do it and have done it, take on the big customers and win them.

For us business coaching has been different than what we thought it would be. We thought it was going to be all imposed structures but what we quickly worked out is that it is nothing like this. We have worked together to get the right things in place and in some cases we realize we have been doing the right things all along.

We just do more of them now.

At the start we did not have the systems in place to underpin our growth and this had us lacking in confidence for taking on our competitors and gaining big customers. We knew we needed to get better systems in place to grow and we have done just that.

What we have worked out with our coach has been very relevant to getting us forward; it has been a very customized journey.

Most importantly it is definitely worth the money.”

Glen and Mel Air

WB Sports and Promotional Wear
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