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Systems and Processes

Anyone who has looked at coaching will know that we stress that systems and processes should be put in place. This helps the business run more efficiently and to free business owners from having to be there day in and day out.

The most successful businesses spend a lot of time in getting these systems and processes in place. One of the best systems that I have seen was at Toowoomba East Chiropractic Centre. Trevor has spent a lot of time and effort to implement systems and processes that allow his business to run very efficiently. This is a doctor’s office that runs so smoothly you could almost set your clock by it and you never have to wait. All this and the quality of care is excellent. When carrying out the customer satisfaction survey for Trevor the clients raved about the level of service, the care and how they were listened to.

Having set his business up to run this way Trevor has a wonderful work-life balance, can plan for the future as he knows when he will reach full capacity and have another practitioner step in and know exactly how the clinic operates. All in all it has allowed him peace of mind and a management tool that is invaluable in tracking how his business is operating.

Putting systems and processes in place is usually not difficult – it is taking note of what gets done and documenting it so it gets done that way every time. Always look for what is working well and what needs improving and review the systems and processes to reflect this.

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Mariejan Bigby
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About the Author

Mariejan Bigby

Mariejan has worked as a speculative foreign exchange trader in the money markets of Hong Kong, Account Manager in the treasury at the National, and managed the wholesale energy pricing book for Energex Retail helping them develop products and marketing strategies and the back office systems to support and direct the growth and expansion of their business.

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