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For most of the systems and structures you build into your business, you have a choice in who does the work:

  1. You can do it in-house – you or someone who works for you can do it
  2. You can get someone external to do it – a specialist or expert or an outsource partner

We have built a network of people we know will do a good job, who know their stuff and who we refer our clients to by preference. Some of you already have relationships and people you use and that’s fine (it’s your money after all).

We will be growing this list as we meet new people and businesses that we like and trust.

These are the external resources that can help you find work and win work, in other words, your sales and marketing experts

These are the external resources that can help you get the work done. Meaning they’ll aid in the operations and back office side of your business.

These are the external resources that can help you manage your team – your people and you.



Our coaching will help you do the preparation work you need to do to brief your marketing partners so you get the best results from them

Tradies Get Online
Stephanie Campanella – stephanie@tradiego.com.au

Tradie Web Guys
Matt Jones – matt@tradiewbguys.com.au

Rise Local
Darren Urqhart – Email:  darren@riselocal.com.au11qq

We don’t usually refer for graphic design or for vehicle wraps, we recommend using a local provider.


Newin Estimating Services

(I haven’t spoken to him but some of our clients use them and say he does a good job)

Sydney Estimator

Daniel Haidar – 0499644966

I used to work for Newin, he’s good, however, Daniel Haidar is a bit cheaper but Newin is a QS and Daniel isn’t. So, Daniel would be cheaper and a bit more detailed but Newin would be trusted by a bank to provide bills of quantities.
Daniel also has construction experience and a builder’s licence.



Get a job Management system to help you run the ops of your business. Choose one, anyone, form this article we’ve written. It illustrates some of the good ones, companies we’ve spoken to and recommend.

All the Job Management systems in the article

I sometimes refer people, especially builders, to this project management course.


Back Office


First Class Accounts Asquith Don Doolan

Office Shed
Jay McClure – jay@officeshed.com.au

Admin services

Hire your own, get a virtual assistant yourself (we can help), go to an agency to get a VA or VA support, go to an Australian agency and get an Aussie VA

Hire Someone local – do that on your own using our process

Hire someone in the Philippines – write your job description and send it to Venus. She’ll post it on some notice boards in Davao and get you some people to interview

Use an agency to hire VAs in the Philippines

Tradie VA
James Russell – success@tradieva.com.au

Hire an agency in Australia – pick the number of hours you want someone to work for you.  
Good for maintenance trades:

Office Shed
Jay McClure – jay@officeshed.com.au

Setting you up with decent trading terms

Tradie Terms
Sian Wingate  
027 264 2348  

Debt Collectors
Contractors Debt Recovery
Anthony Igra – contact@contractorsdebtrecovery.com.au

IT Support
Cloud Active
Simon Frost
07 4085 9091



Your Team

HR consultants

HR Central
An HR system to record the details you’re obliged to record and access to advisers

Bright HR
(Part of Employsure, a system to record the stuff you need to record for employees)

A consultant to help you through stuff
Karen Hillen My HR Partner



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