Invest Now, Benefit Later – That’s Business!


With a very few exceptions, that really is business, isn’t it? 

It pretty much sums up business coaching too – put the effort in now and you get the benefit down the track. 

I was talking to my daughter, Florence, about her English assignment and she was hoping to find a quote to use in it. Then she said she’d only read up to page 52 or something of To Kill a Mockingbird and I became the lecturing Dad on her – “Read the rest of the book, for f*#k’s sake, read the book and the assignment will be much easier. You’ll remember a quote, it’ll have context. You’ll be able to link your argument to the book and your quote if you actually read the book”

Can you imagine the eye-rolling? 

“Do the work now and you’ll get the reward later  – the rest of your assignment will be much easier”.

 Then I found myself saying ‘that’s  business coaching’ really.  

I say this to my clients all the time. You’ve got to do some hard work for a while before you get the benefit.

And it’s true, isn’t it? It’s definitely true in business coaching


Investment Takes Time

With the possible exception of realising you’re too cheap and putting your price up and seeing an almost instant increase in margins and then more money in the bank, everything takes a bit of time. 

Actually, even that would take a few weeks. Even if you’re a maintenance trade working domestically and getting paid before you leave the site, we’re still talking a week or so before you notice more money in the bank.

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If you work with real estate agents and they pay 30 days, you’ll start to notice it in a month or 6 weeks. 

If you’re a builder and you put your price up now and win a job tomorrow at the new price, start the build in a month and raise your first invoice, but you’re still building 2 jobs at the old price, you might not see much difference for 6 months.

And that’s the quickest thing I can think of.

Hiring a new tradesperson? At least a month to find a good one and another month while they settle in and you start to feel like you’ve got a bit more time. Admin person – something similar.

Building a new website?  In my experience it’s 3 months before it’s where you want it then you start spending on SEO or ads, get leads, your sales cycle, the job, then you can invoice and collect – could be 3-6 months and longer.

That’s 3 examples just quickly. 

Investing properly in building the right structure and systems into your business so it grows sustainably, takes time and effort – before you get most of the benefit.

However, when you’ve done that work of investing properly and you get the results – the  result is satisfying. That’s what we’re chasing – not quick wins.

But the real work here takes a bit longer. It’s a bit quicker or easier with help from me to invest in your business and build systems and structure so you build a better business that makes you more money and needs less of you. 

‘Help from me’ means me as your business coach, teaching you the systems and helping you implement them, helping you make decisions and keeping you on track and accountable.

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