Improve Your Construction Business with the Help of Business Coaches


Our recent project with Isaac Horneman of Kalinda Constructions was a resounding success and we’re so proud of the work we did for him.

Isaac came to us with a problem: he wasn’t making as much money as he felt he should be, the stress of running his business was getting to him, and he didn’t feel like he knew enough about how to properly run a construction company.

We sat down with Isaac and worked out what he did, who he did it for, and why he was good at it. We also improved his website’s SEO and increased his pricing. We got him a job management system and charged him properly for variations. We started measuring profitability properly and led and managed his team better.

The results were amazing: Isaac made more money, grew his business, felt less stress, and was more confident. He had access to a team of coaches, a library of video training, and a business strategy and roadmap. He was also able to charge more for his services and get more jobs.

If you’re facing similar problems in your business, we can help. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.


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