Jon Dale

Jon is the founder, he previously worked in the IT and telecommunications industries in various sales and marketing roles and as a Strategic Account Manager for Optus, managing and selling to major clients like IBM, AMP, and Fujitsu. He saw how big businesses spent money and time training their people and he was trained in sales, marketing, coaching, strategy, and other useful subjects throughout his career.
He noticed that his small business friends were mostly winging it when it came to business skills and that’s what sent him looking at business coaching as a new career option.

He likes business coaching and he likes working with tradies and builders. He got himself a business coach – a business coach for business coaches (because the learning journey never stops) and one of the first pieces of advice Jon got was to pick a niche you like working with. He chose trades because he likes working with them.

Jon’s our primary coach – you’ll meet him and work with him (he’s not so important that you don’t get to talk to him). He lives in Brunswick Heads, NSW

I studied Chemistry at uni, realised I was more interested in people and went into sales & marketing. I saw big businesses all following clear rules for what to do to succeed – I went on some courses and I saw that small businesses didn’t.

And I thought “I’ll show them – I’ll be a business coach.”

I’ve made it my business to learn the detail, how to structure and systematise a business (specifically a trade business) so you don’t have to start from scratch.

I know what to do and I know what not to do as well (buy me that beer and I’ll tell you the story – I failed, got very ambitious and lost it all).

So I know business, not trade – you know your trade.

I live near Byron Bay. I don’t surf but I do kayak. I like to cook, eat, drink and have fun.

I don’t want to only work. And I don’t want that for you either.

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See you later.

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