The New Small Fish Website article

We’ve spent some time, with help from Baz Beckley of one Eyed Dog Designs and Mark Barrett of Created Image Marketing, redeveloping our website. We wanted to turn it from an online brochure (which is what it was, really) into something that was more useful to us – because it is more useful to you.

The site is now more than an ad for Small Fish. It still advertises our services, of course, but it now includes an online shop so you can buy things without having to talk to us (and we’ll be sourcing useful things that we think small business owners will like), it has a forum so you can ask questions of Jon or of Sam or of anyone in particular. You can answer questions or post comments, too. (If they are rude, we will take them off. Uness they’re funny.) We asked some of our customers to write testimonials which we’ve published, we’ve started posting useful titbits and past newsletter issues to the noticeboard and you can read detailed descriptions of how some of our services work – business coaching and also sales training and a brand new online learning program that will help you get your head around how to improve your business without the full commitment of a coaching program.

To show you that it’s not all about us, we’ve built a resources section where you can look up other businesses or organisations that we think are useful to small business. That’s right, we’re advertising the businesses we’ve come across – the ones we think small businesses will find useful, anyway. We didn’t even charge them anything! We’ve also put in a couple of free downloads that we use in our coaching. Expect this section to grow as we come across more businesses that we like and more tools we want to share.

We’re really hopeful that this site will be a bit useful or intersting and that visitors will come back from time to time (and buy stuff, obviously). Please make a comment or ask a question or even ask for something you think you’d like to see there.


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