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Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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How to double profits without a complete shake-up of your business.

Everyone’s email promise this shit don’t they? And it’s mostly promising some secret thing. What I want to show you is something a bit simple and a bit more real. I call it the power of small steps. I’ll sum it up like this: We can pull a number of levers...

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Signage – Cheap and powerful marketing – are you using it?

One of your most powerful forms of marketing is the fact that you are at a job site (or your boys are) doing work. The work you do and the people doing it are highly visible and they are right slap bang in the middle of your market. So decent signage...

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Why are your margins so thin? Fatten them up – become a feeder.

I’m thinking of those strange men who feed their girlfriends until they become so enormously fat. It’s probably so she can never leave him or something and if you don’t want a fat girlfriend or wife, I really think you should want fatter margins. All of you are in a business...

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2 Tradies Kill Themselves Every Week! Don’t be one of them please.

Sorry to bring you down with this, but this article in the Sydney Morning Herald shocked me and made me want to ask you to look out for each other. Read the full article here!  It’s two men a week. Some of them are business owners like you or me whose...

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Are you guilty of not charging enough?

Jon here from Small Fish. Are you guilty of not charging enough? It’s a crime you know, to not charge enough. Now, I run the risk here of not stirring up controversy about this so let me be clear. I don’t mean that I think you should be ripping people off...

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Something I learned about Trades Business Owners

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach I keep talking to owners of trades business who think that there’s loads of stuff they are crap at. Some of them have a fairly low opinion of themselves. I’m a good builder but I’m not all that good at the business stuff. It makes...

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Video Friends of Dan Burden

Hey there, it’s Jon from Small Fish! This video is for friends of Dan Burden. I went for lunch with Dan, he’s a mate of mine and he said “Jon, I’ve got a few mates who I think could benefit from your business coaching. They all have successful businesses, several million dollars, proud...

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