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Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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How Small Fish got Automated – A Story

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach Last time I wrote a brief piece about how wonderful it would be to automate your business. I thought you might like to hear what we’ve done here at Small Fish. This article was suggested by Grace from Freshbooks who reads our blog and asked...

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How automation can save your marriage

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach OK, it’s a big claim and, quite possibly, not true at all. But, if you run a trades business and your wife does a lot of your administration for you, perhaps at night when she’s also trying to juggle the kids (yes, I’m talking to...

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Tradies are all poor. Or are they?

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach I enjoyed these two articles about Tradies. In the first (read the whole thing here). Sam de Brito comments on the divide between the very rich in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and the tradesmen who work on their homes. He calls them high net...

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Trades Business Marketing Continued (Part 2 – to Consumers for Projects)

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach Last week I wrote briefly about Find Me marketing for trades who are called in by punters to fix stuff or do minor jobs. Today I’m thinking about people who want a project done for them and how marketing for this kind of work is...

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Trades Business Marketing Continued (Part 1 – to Consumers)

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach Trades business marketing is specific and should be directed towards making your business be the one people find when they go looking for a trade. People look for a tradie in a few ways – asking other people (referrals); looking in directories (Yellow Pages, True...

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tradie versus business coach

Tradie Marketing vs Business Coach Marketing

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach You’re a tradie, I’m a business coach. We do our marketing differently. I do what’s called content marketing and relationship marketing – I give up some of my knowledge and strategies to you so you can see that I know some useful things and build...

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