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Are you in the cloud?

Are you in the Cloud yet?

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach I apologise in advance for my enthusiasm with the cloud. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry, I’ll probably talk about it a lot over the new few months so, if you don’t unsubscribe, you’ll learn as much as you want to....

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Offsite Prefabrication – should you be doing it?

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach The Australian construction industry is worth $150 Billion per year. It’s 10% of GDP and a big part of our economy. Prefabrication – not just of homes but of all sorts of different parts of buildings, is only worth 3% of that but it’s forecast...

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Tradies – I bet you didn’t realise how sexy you are

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach Sorry to interrupt your day with silliness but this is too funny. Some wag had had a bunch of guys pose like pinup models pose. For some reason, tools are a big piece of the action…….see, you are sexier than you thought 🙂 It seems...

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First 3D printed house

Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach They’re building the first 3D printed house in Amsterdam and a company in China built 10 in one day and they only cost $5000 each! Read the article here. They used waste materials from the construction industry mixed with concrete and 3D printed a wall...

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