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Hire A Business Coach and Build A Better Business

So who hires a business coach and who doesn’t?

I was quite tempted to say that idiots don’t buy and sad losers don’t buy but I’m sure you’d see through that bullshit. So I’ll tell the truth instead. My name is Jon. I run Small Fish and I run a business coaching program for ambitious owners of trades businesses called the “Tradies Toolbox” Coaching Program and that’s probably where I want to start.

The people who hire a business coach are pretty much ambitious. They usually want to build something better than what they’ve got now. They want to make some money. They want to build a business that they’re proud of, with stability and all that kind of stuff. I’ve got a business coach, he’s called Taki Moore. He’s a coach for coaches, if that makes sense to you.

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Lots of successful, business people get whatever help they can and a coach is you know one of your options because to my mind anyway, when you’re running a business, when you’re building a business, you’ve got a responsibility to yourself, maybe your staff and your family to do the best you can… to be as successful as bloody possible. I think you need to take whatever help you can. I think a few people think that getting a coach is a bit of a sign of weakness. And I don’t think it is and I think to go and neglect to get help to make it the best thing possible is a mistake. I don’t think that means that a coach is the only option, I’m sure it’s not. I know it’s not.

So people hire a coach if they want to build a beautiful thing, if they want a better business. People hire a coach particularly if they want to be held accountable for doing all the staff that they need to do. Often, stuff that they know they can do but they know they’re not doing it. So that accountability and that regularity of meeting with somebody who says we’ve done your stuff that you said you were going to do is quite important. People hire a coach if they know the stuff they don’t know and they know they need to go and learn it.

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know yet, do we? Until we go and dig in there with someone like a coach. Sometimes people hire a coach if they want someone to test their ideas on or to talk through problems and frustrations with. A lot of my clients use me for that, they ring me up and go this is happening Jon. That’s the thing you can use