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Business Owner - You work long hours, you don't make enough for how hard you work and it often feels like your business is in charge, not you...

Sound familiar? You're not alone. It's a common set of feelings for those of us who work for ourselves and it's a common part of a growing business, too.

Growing a business beyond your immediate ability to handle everything yourself requires you to learn new skills and do everything differently. No wonder you are slow to change (trust me, I know, I'm there too).

Coaching can help put some structure into your thinking, make decisions come easier and focus on building a machine that works for you, instead of working harder yourself.

A (free) Strategy Session will help get clear on how this can work for you. Book one below. It doesn’t hurt – read the one page ‘What’s in a free session?


  • "Jon's helped us grow our business from $350K to $800K"

    Banks Consultancy
  • "Jon made me focus on helping my sales team perform, which helped my business grow from $12m - $22m!"

    Chris Yates
  • "Michael is pragmatic, frank, intelligent and sensitive. He made my business flourish!"

    Rocket Design

Business Coaching

Small Fish provides business coaching services to small and medium enterprises.

Business coaching is a professional service whereby a business coach facilitates a process that helps a small business owner drive change into their business – and make it perform better. Business coaching brings your skills and experience as a business owner together with a business coach and a structured process - with a clear focus on making progress on achieving results.

A business coach’s role, once the plan (strategy) is in place, is to make sure that you as business owner continue to make progress against your plan. The strength behind the business coaching programs provided by Small Fish comes from the systems we use. We believe very strongly that it is not enough to present you (our customers) with a smart person and say “It’s all right, I’ll help you”. Of course, our coaches have great skills and experience - with strong commercial backgrounds, either in the corporate world or in small businesses.

Small Fish goes further by providing a service that will help you make the right changes to your business. It’s very important that we follow the structured business coaching process and that we use our systems and tools to make sure your coaching experience achieves results.

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