Tradie Business Coach Queensland

I’m a business coach/mentor for tradies and builders in Queensland, even though I live over the border in Byron Bay.

I help ambitious trade business owners put systems and structure into their business so they can grow properly, profitably and with less stress.

A business coach like me will teach you the framework to use to grow your business and I’ll help you:

  • Find more work by doing your marketing properly
  • And win more of it by doing sales properly
  • And do your work properly by putting procedures in place and training your tradies so they do it the right way
  • And getting paid by setting up your back office properly
  • And managing You as you manage your role
  • And your team as it grows


You have some options to choose from:

  • Book a 10-minute chat to talk about whether it’s right for you right now. If we think it is, we have a 1-hour strategy session, then we either begin coaching or not.
  • Attend the next Tools Down Workshop to hear me explain that framework over 2 days.
  • Download the ‘Know Your Numbers Worksheet’’. It’s a guide to understanding your numbers and you can get access to the Big Numbers tracker we use in our coaching.