Are You “Road Blocking” Your Success in Business?

How many roadblocks do you have in your business? A roadblock is something that you use as an excuse as to why you are not getting the important stuff done. The important stuff is the money making stuff! That means getting on the phone to drum up sales or book appointments, or starting that big project that could help grow your business.

Roadblocks are dangerous and using them allows you to continually sabotage your own success by creating diversions that are not going to lead you anywhere but to exactly where you are today.

Still confused? Here is a list that I have come up with, tick off the ones you allow to block your success;

  • My office is messy – I need time to sort it before I do anything else
  • I don’t have my database set up properly so there is no point in calling anyone
  • My staff are constantly interrupting me so I never get anything done
  • Our sales material is out of date so I won’t call anyone
  • I have too many small jobs such as data entry or filing to move on to larger projects
  • I spend all day checking and answer emails, there is no time for anything else
  • I have to get through my never ending “to do” list first
  • The phone is always ringing with people needing my attention
  • I don’t have enough hours to get to the big stuff

There are thousands of road blocks that small business owners use as daily self sabotage on their own business. There is rarely one that I have heard that does not have a logical and relatively easy answer.

Be honest! How many are you guilty of? How many “urgent” tasks do you allow yourself to get sucked into to avoid doing the “important” stuff?

Melanie Miller

Small Fish Business Coaching Gold Coast


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