You Invest in Tools for your Trade – do you invest in yourself to run the business?

I do a lot of networking with builders and trades and other people who help you with your businesses. I consider it my job to learn more about the industry and what’s available to you so I can be more useful.

(I know —– good little business coach, aren’t I?)

I was chatting to a guy called Glen Sim and he helps builders (mostly) who get sued. He helps them in court when they are in dispute with a client. He says it’s almost always the same problem – the builder didn’t have a strict variation control process so the scope of what got built got changed part way through the job and when the builder sent extra invoices the owner disputed them.

Does this sound familiar to you? I reckon a fair number of you suffer from this and I reckon you don’t have to be a builder for this to be a problem either.

What do you need to do?

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Invest in your business – in your processes and, in this case, your project management structure and documents.

I won’t write them for you but Glen will. If you want to hire him, he’s pretty reasonable. His number is 0419 600 063.
Back to the story – this is an example of investing in yourself and your business.

It’s not like a nail gun or a digger or a ute. You can’t touch it, unless Glen says he doesn’t mind. And it’s a lot like a business coach too.

You’re investing in making your business better – more structured, more disciplined and more profitable (and less at risk). And that’s just as valuable as buying tools you can plug in.

Don’t just take it from us – even US News and World Report states that investing in your business means investing in business coaching.

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