First Impressions Count – Is Your Business A 70’s Throwback?

We often hear the saying that people will decide what they think of you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you. First impressions count and this extends to your business as well.

Within 30 seconds a potential customer will have formed an opinion of the quality of your services before you have even had the chance to butter them up with your wit and charming smile!

How does you business present itself?

The Pushy Used Car Salesman

Is your business “in your face” with large colourful posters pitching every service or product you offer? Are those posters hand written suggesting you are a budget business? Does your staff almost jump the counter to grab a customer?

The Obnoxious Wine Snob

Could someone walking into your business clearly identify exactly where to go and what to do. Sounds strange doesn’t it? I have visited businesses where the front door was not easily located and the reception was deserted. The reception may have been beautifully presented but immediately I feel a little unwelcome and slightly intimated. Chances are I came to your business to use a service, not to feel like I don’t deserve to be there.

The 70’s throwback

Could your business be mistaken for a 1970’s trip down memory lane? Old stinky carpet, brown and orange bench tops/desks and yellowing/peelings posters on the wall of products you no longer sell. It is the equivalent of a woman wearing blue eye shadow and Farrah Fawcett hair. For some unknown reason, hairdressers and doctors surgeries often fall into this category. Doctors I kind of understand (they are busy curing illness after all) but hairdressers have no excuse. Refits are costly and headache inducing but small changes can make a huge difference. P.S Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are “retro” cool, your not…

The Moody Teenager

One huge mistake I see often are staff leaning and slouching all over desks and counters. It drives me crazy! Stand up and look alive people! If you are in no rush to serve me when I walk in your front door you will be in less of a rush to help me when you already have my cash.

The Sloppy Guy with Soup On His Tie

What might be acceptable to you in terms of tidiness may not be acceptable to your customers. If I can see piles of unopened mail, over flowing rubbish bins and paperwork strewn across your desk I won’t be impressed. Be as feral as you like behind closed doors, but when it comes to business keep it neat! Do you want to see a mechanic or dentist in disarray? I would worry that your disorganisation would lead you to forget to put the bolt back that holds my car together (slight overkill, but I am trying to make a point) or rip the wrong tooth out.

Take an outsiders view of your business, or better yet get an outsider to actually view your business. Ask the following questions to see what people notice about your business first?

  1. Could you find the front door/see our signage?
  2. How long did it take for you to be acknowledged?
  3. What where the first three things you noticed?

Melanie Miller
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