Free – a strategy for your business

FREE – A strategy for your business.

FREE for the asking – a tool that will help you set your strategy for your business success – no charge, no risk and no strings.

Take a look at our online, interactive, e-learning module that will help you formulate a strategy for your business success. There’s only one way to make sure that your business is taking you where you want to be – that’s to set a strategy and implement it.

This FREE introductory guide to developing a strategy for success will provide a proven path for you to make positive decisions.

How is your strategy ? Is it half-formed in your mind, something you think about when you’re in the shower but not when you’re busy at work? You’re not alone. We’re business coaches and I’ve not met anyone yet with a fully formed and written business strategy. Yet, it need not be that hard. You run a business, handle difficult issues and situations all day, this free tool will help you start to write yourself a strategy for success.

Why would we offer this $500 value management tool FREE ?

Obviously, it’s marketing. We believe that you’ll like it enough to want to engage with us further – either to buy the rest of our 12-module program or to use our business coaching to help you put the plan into action – a strategy that motivates, drives and helps you lead your team to success.

To request your Free Strategy Planning Module, click here to visit our website, www.sfbc.com.au reply to info@sfbc.com.au Or simply call of course, 02 9940 0346.

We’ll make contact to give you a free log in and guidance on how to use the e-learning program. Take advantage of this fresh way to get the assistance you know you’d like. The offer includes a free telephone coaching session to help you decide how to action what you’ve written.

There are four ways you can engage with me:

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4. Book yourself a 10-minute chat with me. We’ll talk about whether coaching is right for you now and if it is, we’ll go further into the process before you have to make your mind up.

See you later.

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