One Thing That’s Holding You Back The Most

Hey Jon here.

I’ll tell you the one thing that’s holding you back the most. I’ll tell you what it is and how to stop doing it.

I’m Jon and my business is Small Fish Business Coaching. I run a coaching program for tradies called ‘The Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program’ and this email is to invite you to a workshop called the ‘Tools Down Workshop.’ The clue is in the name of the workshop – Tools Down.

The mistake is being on the tools. I know that being good on the tools at your trade is what made you successful, and it’s hard to give that up.

But, it’s work you can pay someone else to do and pay $30 per hour or so and charge more.

It’s hard I know, you’re the best, and your guys are not as good. If you’re not on site, the result will suffer. You are needed to make sure jobs go okay.

(I could go on…)


There’s only so many hours in a week and you’re limiting your business’ ability to grow and you’re becoming a bottleneck. So you need to get off the tools.

If you build systems for your guys to follow (and stop doing the manual work yourself), you can expand.

If you have office staff to do some of the admin (probably better than you too – this is true for me. I have 2. Both better than me at admin and management).

This is a short video. There’s more in the workshop. Book below or book a 10-minute chat with me and I’ll tell you some more.

But you need to build a business that doesn’t have you in the guts of it. You need to run it.

Oh yes, it’s in Byron Bay and it’s $297.

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