Quiet January? – Make some plans


Written by: Jon Dale | @smallfishcoach

Hey happy new year! It’s Jon here from Small Fish Business Coaching.

Aren’t you glad to be back at work? I know I am. Look, for most of you, I know January is a bit quieter than December. December was a big rush (wasn’t it?) of finishing stuff off for people in time for Christmas. And January gives you a bit of a rest and a bit of time to think. I hope you’ll be using it to think about what you want to be different for this year. I’m doing the same, I’m reflecting on my business, writing down some plans, thinking about what I want to do differently. And I’d like to encourage you to do the same.

It’s no cliche that to get different results you need to do different things but it’s true. I’m going to suggest that you start it by thinking about what you want to be different, what different results you want, and work back from there about what you need to do differently.

You might want to make more profits. I know I do, that’s a big part of my year.

You might want to work fewer hours and have more of a life for yourself; you might want to grow your business; you might want to feel more in control, and less like you have to run around all the time just to hold it all together.

This is a 2-minute video, right, you’re not getting your answers today. But, I’m running a couple of events that will help you at least think about the things you need to start doing differently to get those new results.

On Tuesday, at noon I think, (It’s not, it’s Wednesday at noon – Jon got it wrong) I’m running a webinar. I’d like to encourage you to come. It’s only an hour, it’s free, it’s online, you can register for it down there by pressing that button – read a bit more. And it will help you think about the six strategic shifts you need to start making now to get those better results.

If you’ve got more time, and you’ve got $300 to spend – 27th and 28th of February (it’s a weekend) in Byron Bay. Come and spend these two days with me thinking about, again, those 6 strategic shifts and actually how you need to start making them and the things you need to do in your business right now to make it better.

Buttons down there to read more and you can always give me a call 0402 259 209 and we’ll have a little chat. See you.

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