Here’s an Interesting Perspective on Goal Setting

Written by: Michelle Hanisch

Now is the time to start thinking about what you want for next year. We all have goals we’d like to achieve – take my business national, earn that extra $500k, make myself completely dispensable.

Most often what we’re chasing when we chase these goals is a feeling. If I make that extra $500k I can take that 5 Star holiday I always wanted and I’ll feel like a rock star. If I’m no longer needed in the daily grind of my business I’ll have time to enjoy myself and I’ll finally feel free.

And on the deeper side, if I take my business national, hard to please Dad will be proud of me and I’ll finally feel successful and worthwhile.

No matter what it is you want to feel, it’s important to keep the feeling you want in mind when you’re planning the route to your goals.

Have you ever heard the saying:

“I climbed the ladder to success but it was against the wrong wall”?

If you don’t keep the feeling you want in mind, you run the risk of reaching your goals but finding they’re not that important to you. You could also find that the feeling you’ve been chasing has eluded you.

Then you try to achieve new goals that inevitably leave you just as dissatisfied and empty. So you keep setting bigger and bigger goals with the hope that next time will be the one.

One of my clients told me how he kept doing bigger and bigger projects, stretching himself to the limit, excited by the thrill but also stressed out of his mind. He was driven by a hard to please, super high expectations Dad. He chased the projects that had the highest risk but also made him the most money because money is what Dad would see as successful. He never felt successful and didn’t feel Dad’s approval.

When he began to think about the feeling he wanted, he identified that he wanted to feel like he’d left a legacy, contributed something meaningful, and made a difference. He chose the next project based on these factors, which reduced his stress and made the project meaningful and enjoyable.

What feeling do you want from your goals?

Maybe something about talking to your coach about it?

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