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Trades Business Tip: What Is Google AdWords? Should You Be Doing It?

Google Adwords or Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

We’re going to ignore Bing (I don’t really care about Bing). I was inspired to write this because I saw a thread on the Builders Talk Group on Facebook where someone was asking so here you go. I’m going to try and help you navigate through this.

Pay-Per-Click Ad

It’s called that because you pay every time somebody clicks your ad. You put an ad and you get to decide when your ad shows based on the words that people type in the search box. Someone might type ‘plumber Brunswick Heads’ and you can have your ad show up there when someone types that. And if they click on your ad, you’ll pay the money.

Now, it can be complicated. You can waste money easily and you can misdirect your funds so I don’t propose that you do this yourself.

I’m Jon from Small Fish Business Coaching. I help my customers decide how to invest their marketing money to get the best return.

Investing in Google AdWords isn’t always the best choice.

Certainly, I don’t recommend a DIY approach, just like you probably don’t recommend a DIY approach for building a house or doing a qualified tradesman job. I recommend that you engage an AdWords specialist to do this for you.

What I do with my clients is:

  • I help brief the AdWords agency so that they’ve got a proper brief and so they understand your marketing
  • We direct a strategic campaign, not just shooting from the hip.

For some people, AdWords is great but it’s not for everyb