What is a business coach and why would you want one?

There are lots of business coaches out there and they come in lots of flavours so I’ll talk about the sort of business coach you get at Small Fish Business Coaching.

Right now, I’m the business coach (Jon Dale).

Business coaching is a combination of things:

  • Business training. I’ll teach you the systems and structure you need to grow your business properly. This is video training, it’s part of the business coaching service but only part of it
  • One-on-one business coaching. I’ll meet you one-on-one to help you make decisions, answer your questions, push you, hold you accountable, encourage you and help you maintain momentum
  • Group business coaching. We hold weekly group business coaching sessions where everyone who is doing the program gets together (on a Zoom call). Your business coach will teach and progress a topic each week, you and your peers will use the session to encourage and push each other and to ask your business coach questions about the program and your business growth plan. The group environment is incredibly helpful – you learn from other tradies doing the program

So a business coach (this one) will focus hard on your plan but also on the money (your money).

I’ll help you make more money as you grow. That’s important.

Why would you want a business coach?

Because you want to grow your business properly, because you want to make more money, because you want to feel more confident as a business person. Your business coach will help you do all this.

How much does a business coach cost?

Lots, obviously.

The monthly fee for the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program is $2,000+ GST.

You should consider it an investment in your business rather than a cost.

If you invest in a business coach, will you get a good return in your investment?

You should only invest if you and I both believe you will. We should be aiming to double or triple your revenue and profit, at least, in 3 years.

Does a business coach really work?

I’ve been told I don’t work very hard…

Haha, ignore that. I’m tempted to say that hiring Small Fish as your business coach definitely works, but the truth is that that’s only true if you do the work.

The strategies work if you implement them. Those systems and structures will support your business to grow – if you build them into your business.

The business coaching part of the program will help you:

  • You’ll get feedback and accountability – one -on-one and in a group
  • You’ll measure progress and see how far you’ve come and how your effort is working.
  • You’ll have no reason for the business coaching not to work – except yourself!

What is a small business coach?

A small business coach is a business coach for small businesses. Most business coaches would be for small businesses.

Small Fish Business Coaching certainly is – hence the name.

It’s for tradies and builders who want to grow from small to not so small.

I’m talking $3,000,000 to $5,000,000. If you’re much bigger than that and you’ve outgrown my services – you’re a small-medium enterprise now and you’ll hire different and specialised advisers.