Christmas Changes Over The Years. So Does Your Business.

How’s your Christmas going? Did you have a good time? If you’re anything like me Christmas has changed over the years.

When I grew up in the UK it was cold weather, presents, grandparents and Christmas dinner and a sleepy afternoon with a Christmas movie.

When I came to Australia with the young child, it was a very different affair – presents and a special breakfast, champagne on the beach with some other poms and seafood on the barbecue.

Nowadays, with grown up kids who’ve left home, it’s different again – food and friends with Michelle and less focus on presents.

That’s lovely, isn’t it? Hearing about my Christmas changing over the years. It’s probably not finished changing yet, either. I’m sure your Christmas has changed over the years too and I’m thinking your business has probably changed too. If it hasn’t, I think that’s a problem – maybe you’ve stagnated, maybe you’ve been left behind. 

Technology is changing, the construction industry is changing and if I think about it, business should be changing. Stagnation is bad.

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Your business should be changing. 

You should be looking at ways to make it better – better for you, better for your customers, better service, better for your team.

And like I said, if you’re not doing that, there’s every chance that everyone else is and your business is kind of getting worse by comparison.

You need to embrace change and you need to drive change. You should experience having your business change. Hopefully, your experience changes for the better. Of course, change is difficult and change can be scary but you need it and you should also measure it.

Now you might have noticed that I haven’t said growth, I’ve said change. How big you want your business to be is up to you but you should be wanting change.

My coaching program is for people who want change and growth. You don’t hire a business coach unless bigger and more money is part of what you want. 

We drive change, we measure change, and we celebrate change.

And we enjoy the journey. If you make your business (whether I’m helping you or not) you feel better and you enjoy your business more.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve made millions before it’s more fun – it starts getting more enjoyable as soon as you start changing things.

So, obviously, buy my stuff and let me help you make your business better and enjoy your Christmas break.

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