Alkimos Plumbing and Gas: Your Go-To Maintenance Plumbers in Alkimos, WA

Martin Lockhart is a maintenance plumber who owns and runs Alkimos Plumbing and Gas in Alkimos, WA. He contacted us because he was feeling stressed out and didn’t feel like he knew enough about running a business.

We helped him by working out what he does, who he does it for and why he’s good, started relationship marketing, wrote systems for his team, started measuring profitability properly, got admin help.

The delivery model was group coaching on Zoom, video training.

The results were that he made more money, grew the business and had more staff. He was very satisfied with our service and felt that we had helped him achieve his goals.

If you are feeling stressed out and don’t know where to turn, contact us at Small Fish Business Coaching. We can help you get your business on track and achieve your goals.