The Right Marketing For Trades And Builders To Be Doing During The Pandemic

I’m talking today about the right marketing for trades and builders to be doing during this pandemic. 

Last week, I talked about what to do and what to say. If you haven’t watched it, click here and have a look.

Here’s a quick summary. 

You need to do more marketing. You need to do it the same way but you need to say different things. 

I tried talking about how you should be putting yourself in the minds of your customer and trying to imagine what they’re thinking about, what they’re worrying about right now and addressing those concerns, all those desires that you think they might have. 

What are they concerned about? 

What are they worrying about?

Given the current situation, I thought that might help if I gave some marketing examples to illustrate.

This is in my marketing training.

This is something my clients do with me when we’re talking one-to-one. So if you’re not really for business coaching one-to-one, you should consider the marketing training. And if you want, you can send me your thoughts on what you might say on email or a message and I’ll give you some feedback.

Some marketing examples 

This is me putting myself in the minds of my trades and builder coaching clients. 

I’m dividing them into three types.

1. The maintenance trades — plumbers, electricians, property maintenance guys, etc. 

Their consumer customers might be thinking, ‘Is it safe?’ ‘Is it okay? I’m responsible for when I call you to my house to fix something.’ ‘Should I  just wait until the pandemic is cleared?’ 

That’s probably something your customers are going to be concerned about. 

Your real estate agent customers or your property manager customers is something similar. Their response would be, ‘Should we wait to send tradespeople into our clients properties or our tenants properties?’

I know a lot of them are waiting.

So you can address these concerns by talking about your precautions in your marketing and this is important.

Understand the difference between talking about your precautions in your marketing so you get the call and talking about it when somebody calls because if they decide not to call you didn’t get the chance to explain it.

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So you do need to explain it in your marketing, on your website, in your advertising, etc.

2. Project trade – a builder of kitchens or bathrooms or fencing, you do larger projects. 

Consumers are still thinking, ‘Is it safe?’. That’s going to stay the same but they’re also thinking, ‘Can I afford it?’, or ‘Is it prudent to be spending a large sum of money?’

Some of them won’t care. Some of them will be naturally concerned about the future of their job or their business and worrying about whether they should be spending money.

But they might also be thinking, ‘I’m sick of this house’, ‘I’m sick of this kitchen, bathroom, deck, garden’, etc. 

They’ve been sitting at home or they’ve been looking at their place and there’s a desire to make the place nicer.

Everyone’s feeling it. I’m sure you’re feeling it so you could talk to that directly. 

You could even be saying, ‘Now is a great time to invest in a kitchen, maybe you’re at home cooking more’

Maybe even, ‘Have you been cooking more during lockdown?’ ‘Would it be more fun to cook in a brand-new kitchen?’

And you might address affordability issues by talking about financing or talking about how you guys are keeping competitive.

I’m not going to do a million examples here. I hope you’re getting the idea. Put yourself in the mind of your customers, specifically. 

If you want some feedback from me, tell me who your customers are, tell me what you do and I’ll have an email exchange with you about what you might want to say in your marketing.

3. Subcontractors – If you work with builders, they might be worried about coming under price pressure from their customers. They might also be worried that work might dry up. That’s not happening here in Australia right now but it might.

So think and talk about how you could be useful to them and how working with you helps keep their projects on track, on-time, on-budget, and keeps customers happy. 

You want to resist the price pressure coming onto you as much as you can and remind them how good it is working with you and how you protect them from a negative fall out on a job. 

Remember you will actually be talking here because you do relationship marketing, so you’ll be talking to a person. You might be emailing, or calling or having a chat.

I hope that helped. Get out there. Make more phone calls, place more ads, spend money. 

Remember, marketing is a numbers game. 

Never forget that. People need to hear your message in order to be able to consider it so get your message out there and those who do that will win.

This is part of my marketing obviously, so buy my stuff. 

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See you later.

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