Why Do A Company Get-Together?

You may have noticed emails inviting you to our next Quarterly Intensive.

Its primary purpose is for our clients – to get them together and away from the hurly-burly so they can focus on their business instead of caught up in its grind.

Its secondary purpose is to showcase our program to some of the people who are interested but not ready to jump in – hence the emails.

Why is this relevant to you? 

(If you’re not currently considering my program)

It’s because of the importance of getting your team together and fostering that community feeling – that feeling of being part of something.

And it’s important because of that essential need to lift your head up and out of the grind and think about how to make your business better.

You’re a tradie, so you’re busy, with lots going on, lots to do, and lots of people to deal with – tradespeople, customers, suppliers, builders – it’s a long list.

You want a good company culture, don’t you?

Of course, you do, you want a business whose people are happy, and like it there, and want to stay.

Well, part of that is getting them together so they can like each other and build relationships so they can work together better.

For many trades businesses and builders, that doesn’t happen in the normal course of things. People work on different job sites, work from home, or work from vans.

They might bump into each other from time to time at the office or depot or factory if you have one but, often, getting everyone together requires a conscious effort.

Which you should make.

And you shouldn’t just do it for parties or socialising (although that’s a good thing to do), you should get your team together for work too, and do useful stuff that helps them and your business.

We do useful stuff.

We look back at what everyone has achieved over the last 3 months; we learn some new skills and share knowledge (and prices sometimes).

You should be doing similar things with your team.

And it’s good for you and for your team to spend time away from the hurly-burly of the business and their jobs and think about the big picture and their part in it.

What You’ll Get From The Intensive

So, my Quarterly Intensive helps my clients get more out of my program which means they stay in it longer and it helps me secure new clients. And helps them build bigger, better more successful businesses.

It also builds community where the people on the same journey of growing their business can network, learn from each other and help each other grow.

It helps your confidence to talk to someone who’s done the thing you’re thinking about doing.

And your team will build community by getting together and talking about work -even playing games they don’t call it team-building for nothing.

There’s no guide with this one. Learn more about the Intensive here.

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