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Like business coaching all registered clubs are certainly not equal.

Just this week, I had the worst meal I have had since four years ago when I had a box of 5 hour old chicken with half cooked potatoes, (from a franchise operation with red lettering) one Christmas eve as I was madly driving madly to a gig in Queensland.

Both the meals, (this week and the red chicken meal) featured chicken, the same cheap frozen peas and was just as inedible.

Food summary YUK!! The first one went into the garbage at the next fuel stop, this week’s sat on my plate as I tried to hide my disgust from my fabulous hosts until it was removed. I really hope it found its way to garbage as well.

This week’s meal was uneaten at a registered club and while sometimes club food needs a little expectation downgrade, often you can eat it. And there is more…The club which had obviously seen better days (1962 when last renovated) was the venue of an important address by a bevy of foreign dignitaries. The club had failed to test its PA system when they set it up, so the Australian representative of a foreign Government and other very special dignitaries had their voices distorted like some weird new pop song. Club management then attempted to rectify their lack of care and attention to day to day detail by setting up new microphones and disrupting the dignitaries address.

Given what they had done to an Australian Chicken earlier in the night I guess that representative of a foreign government could expect no less. Still what a debacle.

I will not name the club because that would help no one.

I have just stepped into my second registered club of the week. I admit I have been to this club twice in the last two weeks, but I am not a member (yet). As I was warmly greeted by a perfectly attired desk clerk who had me sign in, I heard from the bar adjacent to the sign in desk a voice saying “Your coffee Sir.” I looked across at the bar and the club’s assistant manager was speaking to me and beaming next to him was the maître d who beckoned me across the room. Low and behold there was a cup of coffee made for me with 1 Equal and a little almond thingo on the side. “Care for coffee Sir?” he said.

How special.

New fresh, personal and exciting. I was made to feel refreshed and I just loved it.

I will name this one The American Club Sydney www.theamericanclub.com.au

Now the blatant advert.

Some say to me, as I tool around speaking to business people, “Oh I have had a business coach and …….”.

I say to you (of you who have had one before) just like all registered clubs are not equal neither are all business coaching organisations.

Small Fish is new, fresh and exciting. It will make you feel special and you will just love it

Seamus O’Brien
Small Fish Business Coaching Illawarra

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