A Worthless Business Guru

Being a person who began writing with blue ink and a nib, I wish to know, if you have a blog that is 106 words long, is it technically a Twitter?

Well now it is up to 145 words, so it must be a blog. Below is the juice.

I was recently asked how to spot a worthless business guru.

Nationality is a good start; they are likely to be Americans (there goes my visa application and creditability as a Post Modernist).

Also they will:

  1. Over promise and under deliverAvoid A Worthless Business Guru
  2. Are shameless self promoters, peddlers of snake oil in the best Side Show tradition
  3. All unqualified (you know from a place you go after High School), but have had success prior to selling success as a product
  4. They make IT up and believe IT like religion
  5. Claims are not subject to independent measurement or evaluation, and they are largely ignored by academia
  6. Claim if it does not work, something must be wrong with the customer

These are the six top things to watch out for when seeking support in growing your business. Avoid.

Now back to business coaching.

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