Abundance vs. Scarcity

One of my basic beliefs is that there is more than enough knowledge, wealth or anything else that matters to go around. The fact of the matter is that for most people, getting more means that someone else has to go without. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is literally more than enough to go around. Scarcity theory was first espoused by the English Preacher Thomas Malthus, who worked out in 1798 that “the population of mankind will eventually outstrip man’s ability to supply himself with the necessities of life,” yet even to this day we still produce more than enough food to feed the entire planet. He said that “population increases in a geometric ratio, while the means of subsistence increases in an arithmetic ratio.” Yet because we believe in scarcity (this is more commonly known as supply and demand) much of it gets thrown away.

The same goes for oil; 30 years ago the major oil companies were predicting reserves would begin drying up around the turn of the century. The trouble with most leaders of business and industry these days is that they have what I call an ‘accountant’s mentality.’ When times get tough, the first thing they want to do is to cut back and save instead of increasing their investment in marketing. They instinctively want to think small instead of big.

In business, you’ve got to realise that there is always more than enough money to go around. The question is, when will you go out and get your share?

Abundance is a mindset, a mindset that understands how technology has removed scarcity. How the old thoughts in economics are exactly that – old.

And because this all has to do with mindset, you really need to create the right attitude so that you can have your share of all this abundance.

And here’s another thing that may surprise you; if you have a sharing attitude you will benefit handsomely. If you were to share your money and knowledge you will get it back ten-fold. That’s the approach great leaders in the world take and Richard Branson is a prime example.

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