Are Your Margins Shark Bait? 10 Simple Solutions to Save Them


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We all know margins are important, don’t we? I hope you do 🙂 And yet for many of us, our businesses don’t make as much margin as we’d like.

I’m Jon, I’m from Small Fish Business Coaching as you probably know. And I’ve written a workshop called the “Margin Maximiser” workshop because I want to help you protect your business from the sharks that are taking bites out of your margins.

What I see as a business coach for builders and tradies is that many of you overestimate the amount of margins built into your quotes and then underestimate the effect of these sharks that take bites out of it. Chomp, you know, chomp… leaving you with not terribly much left at the end of the day and frankly that’s not a nice place to find yourself, I don’t think.

So I’ve written this workshop, I’ve identified 10 mistakes that people are making consistently and repeatedly. I’m calling them Sharks and they’re taking bites out of your margin because I think that’s funny.

I’ll tell you what those ten mistakes are.

I’ll tell you of course what you can be doing differently.

I’ll tell you how to set yourself up or your business up so you don’t make those mistakes and so that you retain more of that margin in your business.

I’ve built a two-hour webinar, it’s $99.  I’m running it in the evening from 5 till 7 so you can finish work and then come along.

I look forward to seeing you there. I hope you find it useful. See you.

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