Being organised is being in control

Written by: Mariejan Bigby

There are some things in business we can’t control, and some things that we can. Here’s to controlling what we can!

It is said that planning for 10 mins will save 10 hours of work. I whole-heartedly agree with this! If you don’t already have one get a calendar – schedule all the important (non negotiable) things in. These should be things like:

  • Activities to help grow your business such as marketing and sales – if you have a team for this than it should be the meetings you have with them to keep them on track and focused.
  • Reviewing the numbers at least monthly – understanding what is driving your turnover, expenses andprofit. If you do not understand your numbers contact us for help.
  • Business planning time – 2-3 hours a month. Look at how you are tracking compared to your goals – are you smashing them or not coming close to them? Why?

Every day spend 15 – 30 minutes to plan your day. Write down the top 3 things that will drive your business to success and do them. Respect your calendar, especially the time made to work on your business. For some this might be doing the sales calls, nurturing clients with a follow up and researching technology that will help make things more efficient. Everything else is less important. Before starting on any task ask yourself – what benefit is this to my business? Will it help me to achieve my goals? If it doesn’t then don’t prioritise it over other items that do.

The ability to structure your time like this comes from the knowledge that you have a business plan and you are working it.

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