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Business Coaching – June Newsletter

Here’s June’s newsletter, slightly late, I know. I’m sending a long article that I wrote about marketing and how necessary it is for a small business to keep doing it, especially in straitened circumstances. We’ll revert to our structure that allows you to select the bits you want to read:

Article about marketing
Exhortation to do make contact with us – for some advice and free nagging about referral marketing
A plug for one of our friend’s referral marketing campaign
Pre-warning of a marketing campaign we’ll be sending you shortly

All the best


Marketing, Marketing, Marketing – Too Important to Ignore

I’m sorry, I know I’ve been going on about sales and marketing for the last 3 months or more but…

It’s so important!

I’m a business coach (have I mentioned that before?) and so many of the businesses I’ve worked with don’t do a great deal of it and they are limited because of it. Many of them do rather more of it now and are better off because of it, too.

I’m going to follow the same format as my last article – some ranting about how important it is sprinkled with a few concepts or bits of evidence to keep you interested, then an example or two of some good marketing ideas that you can apply to your own business.

Picture this: a small business which provides a good service or product and has good customer service. They have a small but loyal customer base. These are the main pre-requisites for a good business right?

Right, I agree. If you don’t have this or nearly have it, you should not be there. Neither business coaching nor marketing work for bad businesses with products and services nobody needs or who annoy everyone they come into contact with (not for long anyway).

A business like the one above will sustain you – to an extent.

I’ve lost count of the number of small (and staying small) businesses I’ve met who say things like “we get our business through word of mouth” or “ I don’t want to market too hard because it will make us look needy” or “it might cheapen my business”

What a crock!

You need to market, you need to be active if you want to grow and make a bit more money (why read this stuff if you don’t want to grow your business?). These kinds of statement are excuses because you are afraid.

(Fair enough, too. We’re all aware of the shiny-suited salesman or marketer with few morals – watch the Gruen Transfer)

But you can market without being unethical and without everybody thinking you must be going broke or something.

You’re in business – it’s ok to want custom – don’t be embarrassed!

Here’s the trick……be appropriate.

If you’re proud of what you do (you should be – if not, please stop reading right now and go and do something else instead) you should also be ready to let people know what you do and why it’s a good thing.

Think of it like this – letting people know that your business is here and what it does (and what’s good about that) –not some kind of devious enticement – that’s bad marketing.

Be structured – think before you spend money

I’m passionate about being structured about your business, including your marketing – don’t just ring the local paper and place ad and then email me to say “I tried marketing once and it didn’t work” (someone actually said that to me).

So apply some structure to your marketing. Write a marketing plan. Obviously, you should call me and hire me or one of my colleagues as your business coach but try the following:

• Your value prop