Business Secret Number 1 – Get off the tools!

Hey Jon here.

I know you’re not really on the tools all the time swinging a hammer or whatever but I do know I’m sure that most of you is spending too much time in the business and not enough time working on it. It’s a bit of a business coaching cliche but it’s true for lots of people.

I also know that lots of tradies, lots of business owners who run a trades business think they’re not very good at the business part of their business.

As people say this to me all the time “Jon, you know I’m a good builder but I’m not really good at running a business.” And I think here is the secret and you know I like secrets you’re probably better than you think.

Most of the guys I talk to you know you’re doing alright. You do know how to run a business if you’re not losing money. You’re probably doing okay, you’re probably doing many things right.

You can get better, you can learn more stuff, and of course that’s why I’m running a workshop so you can come and learn some simple ways to make your business work better for you.

It’s in August, it’s the 13th and 14th of August which is a weekend in Byron Bay. So you get to come in Byron and have a bit of fun on Saturday night as well. And I’ll show you a structured way that you can make some changes to your business so you can make more money, work rather less, and so it can run a bit more smoothly with a bit less stress and frustration.

If that’s appealing it’s only $197 why don’t you come and check it out. Buttons over there, phone number there somewhere. Feel free to call me, feel free to read some stuff and watch the videos. And get yourself up to Byron and we’ll learn some stuff.

Feel free to read some stuff and watch the videos.

And get yourself up to Byron and we’ll learn some stuff.

See you!

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See you later.

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