Business Success Is About People, Not Money!

Have you considered where your business would be today without your clients and your hired team of employees?

Logical answer really, isn’t it!  Your business would be closed.

Now consider why you started your business in the first place.

  • Was it to make money, get rich, retire early? 
  • Was it to buy that boat, take a world trip, have time with your family?
  • Have you considered the value of your desires in business, and your thought process toward money?  
  • How is it all working out for you? 
  • Is your business growing successfully or is it struggling?

Building businesses with a “lets make money, create jobs, get rich” philosophy is dangerous for a number of reasons. 

1.  A strictly money driven business mindset overlooks the heart of business, which is excellent customer service. 

2.  Many companies as large and as long standing as Darrell Lea have faced difficult outcomes, such as when voluntary administrators were appointed to Darrell Lea amid fears of deep financial distress.
* source: www.news.com.au 18/07/12

3.  The economy has no regard for people, while travelling in financial cycles based on external factors resulting in GFC.

4. Without valued clients and a happy productive team, all businesses, regardless of their size, will struggle and financial stress may occur.

5.  When work is hard to find, discounts are given more freely and prices reduced in fear, clearing away any potential profit. 

The greatest challenge modern businesses face today commences with their thinking toward success and how they will achieve it.  

Most people think of businesses in terms of products, services, cashflow, marketing, expenses, vehicles, and making money at all costs.  

Rarely do we stop to consider the life blood of any business, which is its valued clients and hired team.  The people our business serves within the community, and the team that is hired to grow the business to better serve its valued clients – is the businesses greatest asset.

On the other hand, stress is the enemy of business.  The reality of today’s modern small businesses is the high stress levels of the owners, and their shortage of financial resources and clients. 

This stress has repercussions.  It effects the atmosphere by impacting on existing clients, and the working team while clouding the owners thinking.   Stress holds a business back from productive growth. 

The solution for management is to delegate and train your team to be excellent in customer service.

  • Invest in self development training, and conduct weekly team meetings.  
  • Create a team attitude of ” working with you, not for you!”  
  • Teach your team everything they need to be successful within their roles.
  • Encourage working productively and happily together towards team goals, by being respectful and positive, therefore leading by example.
  • Encourage feedback and improvement from your team regarding their roles, both collectively and individually at team meetings.  
  • When your customers feel valued, and your team feels valued, your business will succeed.  Referrals and testimonials will follow, creating opportunity. 

Delegating can be the most challenging task self employed business managers do in their day.  Yet to delegate and to create a happy, productive team environment is to create the most valuable asset in any business.

By engaging your clients with a well trained, happy team – you have created a business that will grow and develop beyond the management which oversees it. This will provide you the time and profit to grow your business further. 

Let us explore this concept shared with me by a business friend:

‘The energy for today is all about the momentum of working in a team. Sometimes we believe we can do it best by ourselves and yet when we explore the avenue of a team it brings together different energies and ideas – opening up to greater opportunities in life and work.’

Consider a Team which unites to become:   Together We Achieve More!

With this team philosophy at heart, your team will become your businesses most valued resource. By working together in a happy environment, everyone will succeed.
The backbone of any business remains its valued clients. Build your team, and train them to be a cooperative, collective group to serve and value your clients.

With this client / team mindset, your business will grow to be successful, as money is no longer the underlying factor in the equation.

Until next time.

Stacy Nichols is the managing director of Infinite Electrical in the Gold Coast. She has 20 years experience working in both private and public enterprises within Australia. She now owns and operates her own businesses. She is always looking for new business ventures and ways to create income. 

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