Do You Have A Business List For The New Year?

It’s that time of the year again; the Christmas and the New Year period. This is the time we all sit back and reflect on the year that was, and dream of the year that will be!!

Whether you do it physically or subconsciously, most people will establish some ‘list’ for the coming year of what they wish to achieve. This may be the stereotypical ones such as losing weight and exercising more or include others such as eat properly, go on that grand world trip, renovate the house etc. We all do it; we all plan for the year ahead in some formal or informal way. The BIG question is, “do you have the same discipline for your business?”

The New Year is a great time to not only reflect on the year that was and look at what worked, what didn’t and what you may do differently if you had the chance. It is also the perfect time to spend the holiday period planning for your business year as well by making a business list.

List items to consider could include (but not limited to):
– Reviewing your business plan (if you don’t have one- start one!)
– Place your goals on a page for the coming year
– Review the KPIs or results of the business and look for 3 things that worked and 3 that didn’t and think how to make them work
– Develop a Marketing plan.
– Develop an exit strategy.
– Complete a review of your teams (and your) performance- was it awesome, or was there room to improve? If there is how you can YOU lead the team more effectively to get awesome outcomes?
– Set some measurable goals and numbers for the coming year- reach for the stars and if you only hit the moon, it’s still great!

There are many more that I am sure you can tell me about so feel free to post your thoughts…The key to this message is to do it!  Make a list for your business and have a Prosperous Business year in 2011. If you need help, we can do that with you too!
Happy New Year from Small Fish Business Coaching Canberra and plan big for 2011.

Tony Ozanne
Small Fish Business Coaching Canberra

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