Search Marketing (Generating enquiries for your trades business) Are you being found?

Hey! Jon here from Small Fish Business Coaching. I’m talking about ‘Find Me Marketing.’ I’m going to talk about why it’s important for trades business owners. And I want to tell you how to do it.

If you’re not doing it properly, I think you’re missing out on generating some good enquiries for your trades business, you know and you might be missing out a lot and you might never reach the potential that your business could because you’re missing out on what I consider a fair chunk of the of the enquiry for Trades Businesses aren’t they?

Of course if you do it right, you harvest that business or your share of it, you know a share of it and you get to grow and fulfil your business potential so it’s pretty cool.

People…consumers, customers, whether they’re consumers or commercial businesses or whatever, often know when they want a tradie, right? Or a trades business or a builder. Want a house? You know you need a builder. The room is dark and the switches don’t work, you know you need electrician. Toilet won’t flush, you know you need a plumber right? With the link it’s clear, so we know that there’s demand out there for people who know what they want and we know that what they do is when they have that need, they go and look for it right? They go and look for trades businesses. You need to be found or your business needs to be found when they go looking. That’s why I call it ‘Find Me Marketing.’

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So where do they look? In the old world, they look in the Yellow Pages, right remember that ad? ‘Not happy Jon?’

And you know in the old world they went to the yellow pages and looked in the local newspaper, in the trade directory, maybe at the back right and it was important for you to be there in order to get your share of that business.

And in the new world, they’re still some people looking in the local paper, but often more than ever people go and look in Google, don’t we? We’ll jump online, on the phone even or on a laptop or on our iPads and Google ‘electrician’ and our suburb. More than ever and it’s heading more and more that way and it’s more so for trades businesses I think than almost any other business.

They google it right? You need to be there, you need to be found in Google for the keywords for your business. If you’re a plumber, you need ‘plumber’, ‘plumbing services’, ‘drainage’ all those keywords and the suburbs that your business operates in. You need to be found for ‘Organic Searches’, you need to be appearing at the top where there ads and if you’ve got the money, you want to be on the map as well.

Ideally, you want to be in all three of those positions because if somebody appears in all three, then they’re that much more credible and that much more visible to those people who are going searching. You know what they say don’t you? ‘The best place to hide something…on page 2 of Google.’ I like that little joke.

But you also need (if you’re gonna do this properly) is of course to land those clicks on a website or webpage that turns them into a lead that gets them to enquire, gets them to call you, or gets them to emailing you.

That’s very easy to do, they need to be able to do it from that screen, they need to be able to touch and dial from their phone, and then you need to press the button to enquire from their computer screen or from their phone, type their stuff and get a call back from you guys quick.

Quick story… builder clients of mine in Sydney have had a fairly ordinary, crappy website for a long time. They’re spending a bit of money on Adwords, they still get leads. They got a lead for a $300,000 extension building job in Sydney from their poor performing website.  This is a real opportunity, it’s in our forecast now. So it does work even if you’ve got an ordinary website and you’re not doing AdWords in a very sophisticated way.

Do it properly, you should expect more enquiries and you should expect if you do it properly to get a reasonable flow of high-quality leads of people who are looking for the work you do.

Your web people should be able to help you do this. If they can’t, we can. And we have a business, in-line with Small Fish Business Coaching called ‘Small Fish Marketing.’

We’ve set ourselves up to do exactly that for my coaching clients and our community so if you’d like some help, make an enquiry and we’ll talk it through.

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